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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
TRAINED DANCERS for Live Events Chicago, IL Trade Show/Events/Promo 03-28-2016
DANCE Spectacular Productions Chicago, IL Dance - Other/General 03-28-2016
Legit Casting Circus Acting - Acrobatics/Stunts 03-28-2016
Assassination Classroom Auditions Voice-Over 03-28-2016
'Twas The Night Before Christmas Des Moines, IA Theatre - Non-Equity 03-28-2016
101 Dalmatians Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 03-28-2016
The Wizard of Oz Auditions Washington, DC Theatre - Non-Equity 10-10-2016
Pokemon X Fairy Tail Voice-Over 10-10-2016
Jurassic World: Dino Hybrids Voice-Over 10-10-2016
The Wizard of Oz Auditions Washington, DC Theatre - Non-Equity 10-10-2016
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Fargo, ND Theatre - Non-Equity 09-10-2016
A Seussified Christmas Carol Austin, TX Theatre - Non-Equity 09-10-2016
My Three Angels Auditions Orlando, FL Theatre - Non-Equity 08-10-2016
Peter Pan Audition New York City, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 07-10-2016
A Christmas Carol Auditions Charlotte, NC Theatre - Non-Equity 06-10-2016
Any Given Monday Auditions New York City, NY Theatre - Non-Equity 04-04-2016
Peter and The Starcatcher Auditions Des Moines, IA Theatre - Non-Equity 04-06-2016
Nintendo vs. Capcom: Clash of Legends Voice-Over 03-28-2016
Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol Audition Charleston, WV Theatre - Non-Equity 03-28-2016
Danganronpa Auditions Voice-Over 03-28-2016

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Auditions, therefore, are the most essential part that an aspiring model will have to go through before getting hired for a modeling job. And they tend to be the toughest too, as it may take you dozens or hundreds of auditions before you get a modeling gig. Just remember that in the modeling business, you always have to stay positive, and bear in mind that the more auditions you attend, the more chances you have of landing the job. Do not let rejection get you down.

So learn shows and roles that you know you could be cast in, and then find songs that that character does in that show. Then you are doing something that is really right and also fits your personality. When I found out who Mary Testa was, I went and Googled her and looked up everything she'd been in, because she's a great character actress and we're similar types. She was in the revival of On the Town, and William Finn's A New Brain, among others.

Another way I find songs is through recommendations from friends and colleagues. Because we're always telling each other, "Oh, do you know this song, it would be perfect for you." So you should definitely keep an ear out for that. You can ask people, "Do know any songs that I should do, I'm looking for [for example] an uptempo comedy song from before 1960." Of course, your best resource for song recommendations is probably going to be your vocal coach. You should hire someone with an extensive repertoire and knowledge in every era of musical theatre. is your resource for modeling auditions, singing and acting open auditions and casting calls. You can search over 25,000 new upcoming auditions each month. Sign up now and begin sending your headshot and resume to casting directors and directors. You can upload your portfolio and videos. Your talent listing will be viewable by agents, casting directors, photographers and producers. Do not put your career on hold any longer. Start auditioning today. Welcome to the beginning of your newcareer!

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